NUT SAUCE: Prevent Strings from Breaking 

Big Bends

Lubricant & Applicators

Big Bends Nut Sauce - yes, it strikes a chord with your funny bone, but more important is what it does for your guitar. It keeps you in tune and ends string breakage problems. Now in 2015, Nut Sauce has often been imitated by the big box guys, but it's never been copied!


In an "obsessive quest" to keep his guitars in tune, Jeff Massey (company founder) realized "friction" was the cause of virtually ALL tuning (pitch drift) problems. After 10 years of experimenting and continuous improvements, the Nut Sauce guitar tuning lubricant was created. Today, Big Bends is known all over the world, still on a quest to bring the Artist, Luthier and Repair Tech the ultimate tools so their stringed instrument are getting and staying in tune, to prevent them from breaking strings.

Here is what a few guitarists and guitar techs - techs get fired if the guitars don't stay in tune or too many strings break - have to say: 

Joe Satriani: "Nut perfect".
Will Ray: "I use Nut Sauce every time I change strings, on every guitar I own".
Brad Gillis: "Love Big Bends Nut Sauce".


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