The Smartguitar Reimagined.


Acoustic guitar reimagined. Lightweight. Weatherproof. Effects without plugging in.

LAVA MUSIC is committed to creating extraordinary musical instruments that enable people to create outstanding music in a simple way. LAVA offers a New Level of Playing Experience: The idea of the FlyNeck is to design & build the most comfortable intuitive guitar neck possible. The geometry shape of the FlyNeck was designed by tracking the different forces of shifting positions while players are playing.


LAVA MUSIC was founded by Louis Luk in the campus of Musicians Institute, Los Angeles in 2013, Its headquarter is now located in Guangzhou, China.

We believe that the future of the guitar should be powerful & easy

In 2017, LAVA has invented the world's first unibody injection moulded carbon fiber guitar LAVA ME. It has completely changed the way people think of a guitar as well the design & manufacturing.

The AirSonic carbon fiber material is lightweight and has a great acoustic performance, We've started the R&D project since 2015. The Dynamic elastic modulus of the AirSonic carbon fiber is 20%-40% higher than the Brazilian rosewood. It's also won't be affected by weather conditions, it could be with you anywhere anytime. The AirSonic represents a new chapter of material technology on instrument applications.

The iconic design reimagined

LAVA devoted itself to create the most innovative instruments by combining new material technology, acoustic design and automative manufacturing, to empower the future generations to create & express more. The shapes feel softer. The screws on the machine heads have disappeared, the sound hole shape has been redesigned. In fact any single part of the LAVA instruments is custom designed & made, even the parts on the inside.




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