Mad Professor

may the tone be with you

Mad Professor is a company based in Finland that has made premium quality Guitar & Bass pedals and amplifiers since 2002.


Mad Professor Amplification began life when Björn Juhl was asked by his distributor Harri Koski if he'd consider building amplifiers as well as pedals. Björn's fabulous designs caught the attention of the fastidious boutique market almost instantly when he started & he quickly cemented himself as one of the world's premier effects builders. He felt that he was too busy hand-wiring pedals at that time to be able to do the same with amplifiers, so the decision was made to setup a new company offering amps & pedals designed by Björn & built to his exacting specification, just not handmade by the man himself. 

Mad Professor's amps to date are all extremely high-end, hand-wired beasts; however, with their pedals they offer both printed circuit board & hand-wired variants. Both versions feature the exact same components, specification & sound (save for where Björn chose to purposefully tweak the design, thus resulting in the more budget-friendly PCB versions actually being slightly better in some cases!) & Björn's masterful designs are now finally available without the need to remortgage your home!



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