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Ruby Tubes

light a spark to your amp

Only a handful of factories in the world still produce vacuum tubes, and Ruby Tubes contracts with them directly to produce a line of innovative and quality products made to our specifications. The company owner meets with factory engineers to discuss ways to utilize new technologies to maintain and improve the quality of the tenacious tube, which persists little changed over a century since its inception.


The Magic Parts Company was established in 1984 by Mr. Thomas McNeil, who to this day remains active in his role as company owner and President. Distributors of RUBY Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications, Magic Parts specializes in the vintage tube. Their full line of vacuum tubes are the best in the industry. Serious musicians know the tone is in the tubes, and RUBY Tubes deliver.

Once the tubes are engineered and selected completed, the tubes are sent to the US for a battery of comprehensive testing. At the home-based warehouse use custom-designed equipment for precision and accuracy in our readings. Each tube is evaluated on a series of performance standards and features such as dependability, microphonics, mechanical noise, plate current and transconductance. Tubes are also independently inspected by hand during quality control checks.

RUBY Tubes may be found in all brands of amplifier equipment, along with other tube-powered products - everything from microphones to digital clocks! 



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