FUZZ FACTORY: Still unmatched after 20 years


the first boutique pedals that saw the face of the earth

With a ZVEX pedal in your accessory arsenal, you've got the gear necessary to master your memorable tone. Any guitarist who's ever set foot on stage understands the added power and depth a good effects pedal can provide. No matter your style of music, a ZVEX pedal is sure to complement your sound.


ZVEX Effects is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was established in 1995. Its founder Zachary Vex is known in the field as the "mad scientist", largely due to the bold and distinctive paint jobs on their pedals. All pedals are hand-painted with no two being exactly alike, giving each a personality of their own. It's not surprising such famous artists as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Jack White, John Frusciante, and Malcolm Young of AC/DC have all used ZVEX pedals in their careers.

Along with a completely cool look, ZVEX pedals offer sturdy, top-notch construction as well. If you're going for a vintage effect, the colorful Vexter Fuzz Factory guitar pedal delivers tone with a 1960's sound with controls for volume, gate, compress, drive and stability. Do you like the specialized "everything on 10" sound of a Marshall amplifier? Try the Vexter Box of Rock pedal which offers clean boost, a classic amp tone and a distortion circuit. Do you want pure, loud sound guaranteed to rock the house? Try the Vexter series VSD Super Duper 2-in-1 Boost pedal crackle which actually comes with the amusing warning "I told you to be careful". With four volume levels ranging from clean to ragingly overdriven, this powerful pedal is sure to blow the crowd away.

ZVEX Effects prides themselves on offering excellent quality, total value and unique character in their guitar pedals. There's no one else that sounds exactly like you, so why not invest in an effects pedal as original as you are?


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