Harmonic Booster 2.0: Clean Preamp

Darkglass Electronics

Premium Handmade Bass Gear. Designed & Engineered in Finland.

Since its inception in 2009, Finnish manufacturer Darkglass has earned a level of near-universal respect and admiration among players that belies its short time in the marketplace. While the company's beautifully designed products and high-end aesthetic are initially seductive, their utilitarian success is what lies behind Darkglass' meteoric rise. Its initial forays into the bass world revolved around a series of distortion and overdrive pedals under the "Microtubes" banner. Along the way, Darkglass also introduced the innovative Duality Fuzz and Super Symmetry compressor. Each pedal has successfully accomplished its design goal, offering top-notch tube emulation, dynamic and expressive fuzz, and transparent compression.



Douglas Castro is the wise madman behind the creations. As a bassist, he could never find the sounds he had in his head. Therefore, he decided to create devices that would allow him and all bassists in the world, to be protagonists, bringing the low end to a new dimension of leadership, inspiration and relevance. 


As a good sales ninja, Hugo Villaroel began the path of wisdom along with Douglas as partners several years ago. His interest in music began at age 6 with piano lessons and various presentations.  Today, he is entirely dedicated to this sonic odyssey and he claims that this is his way of life, with the great "D" team. 

ALPHA OMEGA 900: Beautifully BRUTAL.


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