Superior instrument protection.

Reunion Blues

superior instrument protection, designed by musicians, for musicians

Since Reunion Blues first started making gig bags back in 1976, their mission has been delivering the highest quality, most protective bags and cases for musicians like you.

The designers artfully craft pieces that integrate all the function that today's musicians demand, with striking modern styling. High tech materials are thoughtfully blended with artisan craftsmanship techniques to create superior designs that will endure the tests of the road. Whether you're just going down the street, or across the globe, Reunion Blues will get your gear there in perfect safety. 


For almost 40 years, Reunion Blues has crafted the world's finest quality gig bags. With the release of the RB Continental Voyager and RBX Series, Reunion Blues has once again demonstrated the brands unrivalled design innovation. "The RBX Series represents a fusion of our passion for quality, and the desire to make an affordable, lightweight, and protective gig bag perfect for musicians on the go," says Vice President Dave Andrus. The essence of this passion is reflected in the sleek aesthetic design of RBX bags, from the Quilted Chevron exterior, to the padded Blue Luster lining.

RBX by Reunion Blues


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