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Handmade in Chicago - Good for your Soul

Handcrafted in their Chicago workshop, Souldier deliver a range of straps infused with vintage flavour and a whole lot of soul. In addition to their selection of unique designs, Souldier have meticulously recreated some of the most iconic guitar straps ever produced. Whether you dig Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Bob Marley there is a Souldier Strap to suit, these are classic designs from classic players crafted with passion and to the highest standard.


Jen Tabor
Jen Tabor

Jen Tabor founder and owner of Souldier straps "Bobby Lee invented the guitar strap in 1947 and had the patent. He invented the strap and metal button system, this is why every guitar is designed that way today. They made straps for all the iconic brands, look at early rock n' roll, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Beatles, Stones, they where using Bobby Lee's skinny strap with pad. Then he invented the colorful straps in the late sixties, and all the famous guitar players where using them too. We bought all their old patterns and made better versions with our invention of the recycled seatbelt guitar strap".


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