Dreams that inspire musical passion.



At Suhr, not only some of the finest hand-crafted guitars and amplifiers are being produced, above all, they produce dreams that inspire musical passion and artistic creativity. Their dedication to the highest standards of quality possible, their fanatical attention to detail, ears for tone, and love for music, are all evident in everything they produce and results in modern works of art that discriminating artists and musicians will savor for a lifetime.


John Suhr started his building career some 35 years ago in New Jersey. In the early 80's John started working for Rudy Pensa at Rudy's Music Stop in NYC. He created guitars for under the "Pensa-Suhr" brand for Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Steve Stevens, Reb Beach and many others.

Suhr left NYC to work with Bob Bradshaw

With an obsession for tube amp design, John left NYC to work with Robert Bradshaw in 91′ and designed the CAA 3+ and 3+SE tube preamps and CAA OD100 amp with Robert Bradshaw.

Four years later John felt his original calling and accepted a job as Senior Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop. There he built custom guitars to order and was involved in R&D for new product development. His clients included and still include Michael Landau, Scott Henderson, Doug Aldrich and Peter Frampton.

Making his true dream a reality in 1997

John Suhr opened up his own small factory building custom guitars to order in 1997. John finally had total control over the entire process of building the ideal electric guitars and basses with the highest standards of quality possible and unflinching attention to detail.

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