Committed to innovation, tone, and service.

Revv Amplification

Revv Amplification is committed to innovation, tone, and service.

Revv Amplification's goal is combining unique, mix-ready tone, with the quality of life that makes guitar gear reliable and easy to use. Derek Eastveld has spent years collecting feedback from music's best touring artists, session musicians, and recording engineers to produce tones that always cut and gear that always delivers. All of our circuits are original and our gear is designed to make the touring, recording, and home guitarist's life easier.


Derek Eastveld & Dan Trudeau
Derek Eastveld & Dan Trudeau

Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld have worked to produce a strong local business based on a close-knit team of dedicated workers. Doing everything theirselves has its advantages - they can make sure your Revv Amplification experience is top notch - every time. With a focus on innovating and supporting the global music scene and supporting the local Winnipeg community, we call our friends The Revv Family for a reason.

Some gear just doesn't want to give guitarists what they need, I knew I had to design and build my own amplifiers.

- Dan Trudeau

Innovative Generator 120 MKIII Series



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