Vintage-inspired tone and aesthetics

Iris Guitars

Vintage-inspired tone and aesthetics

After many years of custom guitar building, Iris are proud to introduce an affordable, high-end acoustic guitar line, MADE IN THE USA, that is the perfect tool for any beginner or professional musician.


Established in 2018, Iris Guitars is a small team of highly skilled and seasoned luthiers who are dedicated to building a modern instrument that captures vintage-inspired tone and aesthetics. Iris Guitars are handmade using a combination of state of the art techniques and old world craftsmanship. The model line represents our interpretation of depression era flattops, admired guitars from the mid century, and are meant to serve the everyday musician. 

My passion for instruments goes beyond building and repair work.

As a working musician, who plays banjo, mandolin and guitar, I understand what a musician ultimately wants to get out of their instrument.
After studying with Bob Jones in Brooklyn NY, one of the most respected and talented luthiers in the country, I felt confident enough to take on my own clients. I was very fortunate to have Bob right next to me while I worked on my early repairs.
For over two years I was head repairman at Retrofret in Brooklyn NY with Steve Uhrik, Peter Kohman, and Jason Petty. Working with them gave me the opportunity to repair and restore some of the world's most valuable and rare instruments. It was there that I built some of my first guitars while having all of the vintage pieces, broken and playable, that I was able to study from.

I strive to reproduce the visual and aural mojo that these instruments have in spades, using traditional tonewoods and construction techniques - and, occasionally, the downright weird and always cool stylistic details that set these guitars apart

Dale's work is inspired by the great vintage designs of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Drawing upon his years of experience as a specialist repairman, his mission is to take the
early designs from the golden age of the American guitar and make them as good - if not better - than the old designs.



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