Reinvented. Redesigned. Revolutionized.

Temple Audio Design

Reinvented. Redesigned. Revolutionized.

Introducing the all NEW Templeboard. Based on their original T Series pedalboards and Quick Release Pedal Mounting System™, this incredible new lineup is full of new features and innovations.


Temple Audio Design is located in the heart of Canada and run by Ryan Dyck, and have been developing their pedalboards over the years, to what they are now. Extremely lightweight, very flexible to use and built up in a modular way to accomodate the guitar player's personal needs. And they best thing is, it does not require any velcro!

With the convenience of their Quick release Pedal Mounting System, their pedalboards are a great choice for those wanting to swap out and bring only the pedals they know they'll need to a performance. 

The all NEW Temple Modular End Panel System™ allows you to create a modular rack style interface, all your connectivity is now fully interchangeable. Decide Now or Decide Later. All Mini and Micro modules are fully interchangeable with one another and can be installed in either side of your board and the best part is, you do not have to be a professional to install it. Available on all SOLO, DUO, & TRIO Pedalboards.

Temple offers dedicated Soft Cases or Hardshell Cases with each pedalboard, which provides an economical way to protect and transport your pedals. The durable yet lightweight design allows you to get your effects from gig to gig with peace of mind that your gear is well covered. 


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