Darkglass MIDI Footswich


One device to connect them all

Easily configurable through the Darkglass Suite, the Darkglass MIDI Footswitch offers customizable MIDI commands at the tips of your toes. The MIDI footswitch is quick to set up with ready-to-use templates for Darkglass products. A more complex custom MIDI setup is also available with commands on the main and sub operational layers, simultaneous sending of several messages and more, making it a powerful command center that integrates seamlessly with your setup.

The MIDI footswitch can be powered flexibly through either a 9V DC or USB. In addition, the Darkglass amplifiers are capable of powering it through the same 1/4″ plug or a 7-PIN MIDI connector used for the data, offering the full operation using only one cable.



7/5-pin DIN connector

  • Connects to Darkglass amplifiers or pedals that have a MIDI IN connection.
  • When connected to a Darkglass e500 or Infinity Combo amplifiers with a 7-pin MIDI cable no external power supply is required.
  • Can be used with 5-pin MIDI cable for connecting to any other generic MIDI device.


5-pin DIN connector

  • Connects to a MIDI OUT on another MIDI device
  • Passes the MIDI messages through to MIDI OUT/THRU connector


USB-C connector

  • Connects to a computer for setting the configuration using Darkglass Suite.
  • Can be directly connected to Darkglass e500 amplifier for syncing settings.
  • USB power banks and chargers can be used as the power source for the footswitch.

Darkglass Amplifier

Connects to FOOTSWITCH connector of Darkglass amplifiers

  • Works as a Darkglass Super Intelligent Footswitch.
  • When used as Super Intelligent Footswitch no external power supply is required.