Dingwall 35th Anniversary Custom Design Pedal


We are excited to share the news about a new collaboration between two of the most respected names in the bass guitar scene: Dingwall and Darkglass. While Dingwall is well known for its innovative and high-quality bass guitars, Darkglass is famous for its cutting-edge bass pedals. The collaboration between these two brands was a natural fit, and the result is the Dingwall 35th Anniversary Custom Design Pedal. This pedal defines the the tone that they together have been chasing, with an uncomplicated footprint yet an intricate array of tonality.

Even though Darkglass is known for their modern sounds, this pedal is quite the opposite. If you like a dark, growling and brutal bass distortion, this pedal is definitely worth checking out.


• Drive Pedal

• Anodized Gold

• 35th Anniversary

• Made By Darkglass

• 250 For Europe