DSM Humboldt introcudes the Simplifier MKII


Following the successful Simplifier line, DSM Humboldt unveils their new SIMPLIFIER MKII zero watt stereo guitar amp, The Simplifier MK-II takes the analog amp simulation to a new level of realism with their new Power Amp Drive control, Speaker type knob, Reverb and a wider gain range. All in the same ultra compact footprint that has made the Simplifier the ultimate practical DI solution for gigging guitarists.

A new Dedicated power amp drive allows you to dial the perfect amount of power amp compression for that sweet-spot that only a tube amp can achieve. This control sets a new level of realism engineered only by DSM Humboldt. A Clip indicator will visually show when the virtual power tubes start clipping, helping you find the perfect balance between pre and power amp gain.

The Power amp type selector now changes the whole topology of each power amp, changing the tube type, bias and feedback characteristics of each model.

Completely redesigned MS Brit (Plexi) , American (Bassman) and AC Brit (AC30) preamps with wider gain range and extremely dynamic behavior combined with the Power Amp drive stage, achieving amazing edge of breakup tones that react to your playing dynamics just like a loud tube amp would do.

The redesigned Cabsim section, replaces the MIC position control for a more useful yet intuitive three profile speakers control that you can sweep to get the perfect texture:

And the icing on the Cake, it includes a stereo Plate Reverb, making it a complete solution for gigging, practicing and recording. All of this on top of the legacy Simplifier features:

- Stereo Fx Loop

- Headphone amplifier with Aux In

- Stereo DI XLR outputs

- Right TRS out with Cab Bypass option

- Left TRS out with Through option

This makes the Simplifier MKII the state of the art on analog amp simulation, delivering the most realistic, complete and practical tool for gigging, practicing and recording.