Cortex Control (Beta) released


Neural DSP's Cortex Control lets you manage every feature and setting of your Quad Cortex effortlessly in a sleek and intuitive desktop interface.

Some of its key features:

Boots in seconds

Cortex Control boots in seconds and instantaneously syncs your Quad Cortex's current state. Pick up where you left off without any interruptions in your workflow.

Optimized workflow

Intuitive mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts ensure that tweaking parameters, managing files, carrying out tasks, and navigating through Cortex Control is smooth and efficient.

Bulk actions

Copy, like, upload, download, or delete multiple Presets with a few clicks. Similarly, you can edit, upload, download, or delete multiple Neural Captures and IRs at once.

Local backups

Cortex Control lets you create and manage local backups of your Quad Cortex directly on your computer. You can create as many local backups as you need.

Quick actions for renaming, updating, deleting, and recalling backups makes managing them quick and easy.

Internet via USB

Quad Cortex can access the internet using the USB cable it's connected to your computer with. This ensures uninterrupted internet access for your Quad Cortex regardless of Wi-Fi availability. Quad Cortex will prioritize internet via USB when Cortex Control is open.

Create Neural Captures

The full process for creating Neural Captures can also be completed on Cortex Control.