Revv Northern Mauler


We are thrilled to introduce Revv's newest Signature Series pedal: The Northern Mauler. This time they partnered with fellow Canadian, Revv early-adopter, & award-winning metal engineer Glenn Fricker.

Glenn is one of Revv's earliest supporters & a lifelong opponent of stale, sterile guitar tone. Together, they set out to combine Revv's trademark high gain tones with a sound inspired by the legendary HM-2.

Say No To Boring Guitar Tones - The Northern Mauler seamlessly combines Revv's boutique high gain & Swedish chainsaw mayhem.
The Secret Sound Of Your Favorite Heavy Albums - Introduce some chaos by blending in a grimy, out of control sound that gives your tone character & makes it memorable.
The Complete Package - A punchy new voice of Revv high gain amp tone & Revv's homage to the legendary HM-2 in one pedal.
Your Tone Your Way - Optimized for use in a variety of applications including into a clean amp, a high gain amp, a power amp, or direct to interface with impulse responses.
Proudly Canadian - All-analog 9V compact double-pedal with custom bear graphic built to rugged quality standards.


  • Revv's newest Signature Series pedal partners with fellow Canadian, Revv early-adopter, & metal engineer Glenn Fricker
  • 2-in-1 distortion featuring Revv's take on the legendary HM-2 & an all-new high gain amp-voiced circuit
  • Inspired by the iconic chainsaw sound of Swedish death metal & American hardcore. A filthy, over-the-top, unforgettable sonic assault not for the faint of heart
  • Featuring a punchy new voice of Revv high gain amp tone custom-tuned for Glenn
  • "Bite" & "Growl" control the Chainsaw Circuit's treble & bass response
  • Treble, Mids, Bass, & Giv'r (gain) controls for the Amp Circuit
  • Blend control allows 100% Amp Circuit, 100% Chainsaw Circuit, or anything in between with a single volume knob controlling the Northern Mauler's master output
  • Optimized for use with clean amps, high gain amps, power amps, & direct to interface with impulse responses
  • All-analog true bypass design powered by 9v 20mA (center negative external supply only)
  • Compact double enclosure w/ top jacks
  • Gloss white finish w/ custom bear graphic & Glenn Fricker signature
  • L- 4.275", W- 4.375", H- 2", 0.7lbs
  • Made in Canada
  • 2 year limited warranty upon registration
  • Manual, velvet bag, sticker, & more included in box