Suhr introduces the Suhr Andy Wood Modern T and the Suhr Mateus Asato


Suhr Andy Wood Modern T

Introducing the new Andy Wood Signature Suhr Modern T, Loaded with his brand mew signature Woodbucker neck and bridge humbuckers. The all-new AW Silver finish is inspired by Andy's love for automobiles and is based on one of his favourite Corvette colours. The Woodbuckers have a special wind and alnico 2 magnets which give them an incredibly full tone with warm thick mids, and a tight low-end. This model is also available in a single-coil version with 2 Woodshed pickups and a 3-saddle Wilkinson bridge configuration

Suhr Mateus Asato Signature Classic T

A striking evolution of Mateus' first Classic T design back in 2020, the all new Mateus Asato Signature Classic T delivers a punchy and articulate tone, perfect for both clean and overdriven playing styles. The new Mateus Asato Signature Classic T comes in two configurations. The first one with M.A.T Single-coil pickups and a 3 saddle Wilkinson bridge. The second one with a pair of Lollar "gold foil' pickups and a Gotoh 510 Tremolo. This will also be the first Suhr with a custom neck shape, hand- shaped with Mateus guiding the process for a perfect fit.