This it it: THE most legendary tube amp of the modern metal scene!


NEW: Fortin Meshuggah

THIS IS IT! THE most legendary tube amp of the modern metal scene. The legend everyone heard about, but no-one ever really saw. The beast that inspired numerous brands trying to replicate the brutal Meshuggah Sound that they created with the original Fortin Meshuggah amp.

The MESHUGGAH Amplifier is all point-to-point, handwired, all tube 50W, single-channel fire breather. This limited production amplifier features an array of NOS parts that lend to its' unique tonal characteristics. Brutal, tight, and aggressive, whilst still retaining feel and clarity, the MESHUGGAH has been designed with extreme metal musicians in mind. Twin gain controls and pull gain MVC allows for the perfect dialing of sickening amounts of gain. Classic British vintage styling, NOS Dialight Indicator, simple and intuitive front panel layout with small box head cabinet format that ties it all in for a sleek look. Plug in and re-animate your inspiration and playing.


• 3x 12AX7, 2X EL34

• FX Loop

• External Dual Bias control

• NOS LCRs UK Capacitors

• Recipe of Orange Drops/Philips Mustard/Lemco Dogbone/Siemens Foil Capacitors

• 120VAC/240VAC Selector

• Custom Heyboer Transformers

• Made in the USA