ATKIN: We Make Wood Come Alive

Atkin Guitars

Proudly Made in England Since 1995

Artificially aged guitars have become commonplace in the electric market in the last two decades, but the opposite is true for acoustics. However, times they are a-changin', and Atkin offers you the closest you will get to an acoustic that has been played for decades.

Every Atkin guitar is voiced to be responsive and musical - from rich bass notes to singing trebles. The heart of that voice is the top and bracing - it's where the wood truly comes alive.


Atkin Guitars was founded in Canterbury, England, Alister Atkin in 1995. Since then, they've grown steadily from a one-man operation building a handful of one-of-a-kind instruments each year to one of UK's leading acoustic guitar makers. 

The story of Atkin Guitars is one of constant dedication to building the best possible instrument. What do we mean by "best"? While other high-end guitar makers seem obsessed with turning out "perfect" guitars - exhibition pieces so immaculate they no longer feel man-made - we're interested in other, more important qualities. Our aim is always to create an instrument with more feel, more personality and more spark. We want our guitars to bring the player something exciting and unexpected, something that will inspire them to make great music.

Every now and then, what you might call a 'real acoustic' falls into your hands, and reminds you of what this wooden box with strings stretched across it is all about. An Atkin is one such instrument.

    The Forty-Three: Built to Inspire


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