THE RH-4: Ultimate Tool for Musicians

Blade Guitars

Classic Design, Creative Technology

Swiss-based Blade Guitars may not be the first name that immediately springs to mind when thinking of boutique and innovative guitar design, but since 1987 the Blade RH4 has been used in studios and sessions all over the world by a host of killer players. The RH4 is a distinctive reworking of the superstrat concept, sporting some truly unique features and high-end hardware throughout. Since those early days, Blade has offered an extended range of killer instruments with great features and playability.


Blade Guitars was founded by Gary Levinson in 1987. Levinson had been repairing guitars since 1964 and, in 1977, during his graduate studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland, he founded Guitars by Levinson. Using the experience he gathered from his work, he decided to start Blade Guitars in 1985. 

By 1986, he was refining the idea of a line of guitars based on the concept he defines as "Classic Design, Creative Technology". At this time, he was also determining the features that would characterize his range of guitars. Ever since Blade Guitars has been producing instruments with some discreet modifications in their electronics and construction to provide a broader tonal palette and improved playability, respectively. Some modifications are: 

  1. Falcon Tremolo (double block system that also allows uptrem while sitting flat on the guitar body)
  2. Variable Spectrum Control (an onboard active off/cut/boost preamplifier/3-band EQ system)
  3. Contoured heel, also called tapered neck joint
  4. Truss rod adjustment at the body end of the neck, preventing the pickguard from being removed
  5. 22-fret fingerboards
  6. Adjustable tension guide (Sprung tensioner on headstock)
  7. Locking tuners (Trimlock, matched set - declining in height from low E)
  8. Spring steel roller saddle (as opposed to non-ferrous die cast)


DELTA CLASSIC: Built to Perform


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