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Ormsby Guitars

Australia's premium electric solid body guitar manufacturer

Ormsby Guitars is known for building multiscale instruments with innovative features, and the best woods available. They take pride in not only the overall look of their guitars, but the playability, attention to detail, and personal customer service.


They say instrument making is a calling, rather than a career. You're drawn to it. Without a doubt that is true. It is rarely a case of "when I grow up I want to be a guitar maker".
But that is how it was for Perry Ormsby. He did grow up dreaming of making fine instruments. Working with the rock stars and musicians. It just took a while for him to get there.

Before long, as people began to learn of his first guitar, he had clients signed up for their own instruments. It was easier than they said it would be; "they" being other luthiers he'd chatted to. "You can't make a living doing this, it's impossible" was the general cry. Perry didn't care.
Within 18 months of starting out full time, the waiting list had grown to two years. Within a few years, he'd been offered design roles, and later on, master luthier positions with some well known manufacturers. That lack of freedom didn't interest him, he's not one for consulting with a board of directors. The feeling of finishing a guitar and plugging it in for the first time, or better still, watching one of his creations played live, is a feeling that will never wane.



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