DAVA PICKS: Ultimate Grip


guitar picks with ulitmate grip

Dava Guitar picks are the most advanced and innovative guitar picks on the market today.
Grip Tips, Jazz Grips, Dava Control, Rock Control, Master Control.


Dava picks is a USA based manufacturer of guitar picks which was founded in 1996 by owner Dave Storey

What makes the Dava picks unique to most others is their use of an innovative flexible center section, which allows the player to vary the degree of flex in the pick. See the image below for an example of this feature.

Also, Grip Tips picks are the first ever pick with a completely over-molded rubber grip to give you an incredible nonslip surface. Multi-gauge design and thin profile give you maximum control.

If you look at the picks from the side, you may be able to notice the three separate ridges in the middle of the pick - Dava calls this their 'tractor grip' design. Hold the pick at the front ridge and it will act like a fairly thick pick with very little flex at all. However, move your grip back slightly and you release the center section, enabling the pick to act more like a much thinner, bendy plectrum. In theory this is a great idea as it allows you to use a single pick in place of several - but try them out yourself and be amazed at how much flexibility they offer and about the way they sound...



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