CHICKENPICKS: The Pick for Picky People 


Unique material, longer lasting and more comfort

ChickenPicks are hand-finished plectra that marry substantial mass with a number of understated innovations and are fashioned from 'thermosetting plastic'. The pick rims are bevelled to an edge significantly narrower than the published gauge and this, in combination with the mass, aids balance.


ChickenPicks guitar picks are made by Eppo Franken since 1984. The young guitar player was looking for the perfect connection between his gear and himself. He tried everything, one day he found the thermosetting plastic and made the first guitar picks with the special bevel.

It all started with the Regular 2.6mm, that's still his favorite. He made them just for himself and his musical friends. In 2010 Eppo and his wife Jolanda started the family business with the name ChickenPicks guitar picks, because of the love for Country Music. At first everything was handmade, but quickly there were too many orders to handle. Since 2012 ChickenPicks guitar picks are made in a special mould under high temperature, but the finishing of each pick is still done by hand.


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