Looks and Feels like an Old Friend

Levinson Acoustics

a different world of acoustic guitars

What's named after rivers and canyon's in North America and packs a lot of tonal firepower? It are Gary E. Levinson's line of acoustic guitars. These instruments reflect Gary's long life experience of guitar building and wood knowledge. His goal has always been to bring guitarists the best possible instruments at an affordable price. His acoustic guitars are no exception to that principle.


Gary Levinson started playing steel-string acoustics in 1960 and it was love at first strum. By 1964 he was restoring old instruments - painstakingly taking them apart, repairing components and putting them back together again. That was a long time ago, but his love affair with steel-strings never ended. During the late 60's he was part of a small but exclusive repair shop in Champaign, Illinois. Many of the world's finest instruments came across the benches during this period. Infatuated with beauty and tone, he started building his first acoustics around 1970.

In 1977 finishing his studies, he founded Guitars by Levinson in Basel, Switzerland. He started with building acoustics, but the success of Blade Guitars soon made him focus on electrics. With this acoustics line, he is returning to his deepest roots. 

We welcome you to the world of Gary E. Levinson Acoustic Guitars and True Tone.


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