Designed and Handmade in Germany

Diezel Amplification

boutique amps handmade in Germany

Diezel is building highest quality all tube amplifiers, with the highest possible craftsmanship, fully (hand) 'Made in Germany' for professional use, combining a traditional architecture with modern features to achieve the widest possible range of guitar amplified sounds on stage, in studios or at home. The relationship to the players is a fundamental part of our business, and not by any means a must.


It started like so many other boutique companies: Peter Diezel, playing in one of Munich's rockbands in the 80s, wasn't too satisfied with his Marshalls, modded them and after a while more and more players contacted him to get his mods.

At that time he was famous for tweaking amps on stage during gigs . . . But the limitations of the "Marshall-platform" were too frustrating not to try a new concept: midi-switchable, four channel amp. Luckily Peter D. met Peter Stapfer, a pro-musician with a strong sales/marketing background, who was ready to build up a company of its own. The first amp, which is still on the market (a bit tweaked over the decade) was launched in 1994 - the milestone VH4. 

Late in the 90s the music scene changed - hard/heavy rock was on its way down and the amp market was asking for a more modern concept. Peter Diezel responded with amps like the Herbert, Einstein, Hagen and the D-Moll.



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